Ozone Generator for Agriculture

Ozone Generator for agricultural is more and more popular these years.   

Ozonated water can not only kill the virus, bacteria, fungi, seaweeds, spores and other microorganisms, but also it will provides oxygen to the root because ozone will turn into oxygen in 30minutes in water.It will promotes fast and steady growth, with more productivity.


Ozone improves the respiratory process at cellular level. The direct germicidal action of ozone is well-known against all types of microorganisms, such as fungi, bacteria and virus. Ozone fight against bacteria such as: pseudomonas, Flavobacterium, streptococcus, Legionella, etc. In the particular cases of fungi and bacteria which are the main cause of degradation of vegetables. Ozone is very effective against these microorganisms which are able to propagate and reproduce in harsh and extreme conditions also.

It is known that the spores mentioned are very resistant when the conditions are adverse for them and can remain for a long time in latency, being transferred from one place to another through air or other ways, until they again find propitious condition for growing, in this case it is extremely difficult to eradicate such infection using other alternates and is such cases ozone proves to be very effective and provides complete protection.

Ozone is a very powerful germicidal agent, which is able to eliminate parasitic bacteria's, virus, fungi and cysts, without forming toxic compounds or leaving harmful residues behind, since it decomposes back to oxygen. Ozone is extremely useful for irrigating fruit trees, vineyards and cultures in preventing them from deadly diseases.

Ozone Generator For Agriculture Is Beneficial Due To The Following Reasons :

● Protects Against Diseases

● Promotes Better Growth

● Provides More Benefit

● Improves Taste And Flavour


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Advantages Of Ozone Generator for Agriculture

● Ozone is very powerful oxidation, which can kill bacteria and virus in short time.

● Ozone is environmental friendly. It will turn into oxygen without any by-product.

● Ozone can prevent the plant from any kind of contagious diseases.

There is no point having a powerful tool like ozone generator for agriculture if you don’t know how to use it correctly.

Our agricultural technicians will teach you how to use ozone equipment so you can get the most out of your crops

Experts will solve your doubts:

● When to do ozone treatment?

● How much ozone do I need?

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