200g Smart Timed Space Sanitizing Ozone Generator

  This machine adopts the honeycomb ozone output structure, so that the ozone can be quickly distributed to all corners of the space, and the disinfection can be done quickly.

  Using thickened aviation-grade aluminum alloy heat-conducting plate, rapid heat dissipation ensures stable output of ozone

  The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, with good corrosion and oxidation resistance

  The machine has a built-in microcomputer time controller, which can set 16 groups of automatic startup and shutdown times to realize unattended disinfection work

Technical Specifications

Product modelFL-8200N
Ozone output200g/h
Electrical power supply220~240V, 50~60 HZ; 110V, 50~60 HZ
Ozone concentration15-25mg/l
Net weight53kg
Product dimension850*330*900mm
Packaging dimension935*415*1050mm
Cooling wayAir cooled
Gas sourceAir



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