FL-B820BT Wall-mounted ozone generator

●  The machine has intelligent control functions and supports functions such as booking and timing, making automatic disinfection more convenient

●  The wall-mounted design does not occupy the floor space, and can be applied to various disinfection scenarios such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, laboratories, warehouses, etc

●  The machine has a built-in groove radiator with patented technology, which can quickly dissipate heat and increase the stability of ozone concentration by 30%

Technical Specifications

Product modelFL-B820BT
Ozone output20g/h
Electrical power supply220~240V, 50~60 HZ; 110V, 50~60 HZ
Ozone concentration15-25mg/l
Net weight7.8kg
Product dimension560*200*260mm
Packaging dimension650*280*350mm
Cooling wayAir cooled
Gas sourceair


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